Creative Leaders Project

Thursday 4pm-6pm

Age: 15-19

Class Begins October 27

Instructor: Juanita Vasquez


Instructor: Jessica Cerritos


The Creative Leaders Program is a diverse art program that provides high school and early college students an opportunity to hone their artistic talents and develop leadership skills while creating original art as a tool to educate, inspire and uplift the community. The Creative Leaders Program will meet every other Wednesday beginning on October 27

stART: A Professional Artist Series

Promoting your artwork in person and online is all part of being a successful artist. This workshop will cover the essential components of creating an effective artist portfolio. Participants will learn the basics of artistic work documentation and presentation. We will explain what you can do to make your portfolio standout and how you can tailor it to be more marketable according to your audience.

Class Begins October 27

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