Artists Ink Vision & Values

We are guided by interconnected values of amor, cariño, energia, cultura, identity, and awareness. They are like our elements of fire, earth, water, and wind, as we instigate, embolden, discover, and ignite stories within.

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Monday 4:30pm-6:30pm
AGES 7-16

A youth storytellers group, from theater, animation, radio plays, photography to film, students in TXO learn a variety of art forms to help their stories.

Wednesday 5:30pm-7pm
AGES 14-20

A diverse art program that provides high school students an opportunity to hone their artistic talents and develop leadership skills while creating original art as a tool to educate, inspire and uplift the community

Seasonal Program at
AUSD Elementary Schools

To better serve and address the needs of both the teachers and students, and preserve the presence of art in the schools, Artists Ink has developed the YOLI ARTS. Through this program Artists Ink will provide arts programming that supplements the standard 5th grade curriculum with a focus on environmental studies and recycling.

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