Wednesday, OCTOBER 16, 2021 to Friday, DECEMBER 17, 2021

Artists Ink’s Fall Program begins on Wednesday, October 13, and will last a total of eight weeks (Thanksgiving week off), ending on Friday, December 17, 2021. During these eight weeks, Artists Ink will have two of their programs running.


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Creative Leaders Program

Wednesday 5pm-7pm

Age: 14-19

The Creative Leaders Program is a diverse art program that provides high school and early college students an opportunity to hone their artistic talents and develop leadership skills while creating original art as a tool to educate, inspire and uplift the community

Fall Programming

stART: A Professional Artist Series

When considering art school or a professional career in the arts, one of the first questions often asked is, “where do I start”? stART: A Professional Artist Series will provide information on how to address some of these unknowns and hurdles that may present themselves along the way. These workshops will cover how to document your artwork, apply to art school, connect with your support system, and build upon your knowledge and skills foundation to take the next step. 

Teatro Xochitl Ollin

Thursday 4pm-6pm

Age: 7-14

A youth storytellers’ group. From theater, animation, radio plays, photography to film. Students in TXO learn a variety of art formsto help tell their stories.

Fall Programming

Pre-production of East Side Cenicienta

East Side Cenicienta is a reimagining of the classic Cinderella story. Set in the vibrant agricultural community of “Salad town” this story emphasizes the power of community and finding your voice. Originally written and developed in 2015 to address issues of importance to our then young students, this script has been revised by our current TXO students. In doing so, discovering just how universal this story and our struggles are. From addressing the social and economic issues to discussing gender roles, self empowerment, and the importance of family and community. This unique production brings the voices and imaginations of our youth to life through film.

YOLI Arts - Youth Online Learning and Integration of Art.

In School Program


A youth storytellers’ group. From theater, animation, radio plays, photography to film. Students in TXO learn a variety of art formsto help tell their stories.

Fall Programming for Alisal School District

7 Week in School Program

To better serve and address the needs of both the teachers and students and preserve the presence of art in the schools, Artists Ink has developed the YOLI ARTS (Youth Online Learning and Integration of Art). Through this program Artists ink will provide virtual arts programming that supports the 4th-grade standard history curriculum. 


Nepanoa: Artists Gathering

Collaborative Program with Baktun12

Friday 6:30pm-8pm

Age: 20+

A collaborative space for professional and emerging artists to share, learn and experiment. Grounded in our cultura and the stories of our community, we invite artists of all backgrounds to come together and create. Program serves Salinas-Monterey County community members ages 20 and up with an emphasis on the Alisal community. Nepanoa will be hosted by Artists Ink’s Lilo and Baktun12’s Daniel C.

Meeting once every programing period


Freeform + Feature Artist: Open space for Artists to talk, create and hold collective space. Includes (but not limited to) open dialogue, small art exercises, and feature artists to discuss their art form, what inspires their art and what are any future projects.


Master Class: Featuring professional artists that provide a “Master Class” on their art form, from specialized art sessions to speaking on their artistic journey, experience, tools to improve your own artform, portfolio and network, and much more.

Partnerships & Collaborations

A collaborative partnership between Artists Ink and other local nonprofits, school union, community outreach organizations, or other artists. The goal of these partnerships is to build upon the work we have done previously, while Innovating new cross-sector partnerships with the arts that bridge the digital divide and develop 21st Century Skill. Partnerships and Collaborations consist of Community-Based programs and School-Based programs.

Currently In Progress

Community Needs Assessment and Deployment

Through this collaboration Artists Ink will work with Digital Nest “Tech Squad” youth  to aid in the development of creative outreach and deployment of community needs for the Salinas community. 

Currently In Progress

Artists Ink X Salinas Public Library

Artists Ink will create interactive and informative art kits. Each kit will include instructions that will guide them on an exploration of their community through art. Using both found at home and provided materials, participants will create art pieces that instill pride and envision the future of their community.

Current Project

LUCIR: Chamacos Animated Project

Incorporating the research data and the creative ideas of the LUCIR students, Artists Ink will teach students how to create their own animated PSA’s that inform and inspire their community to utilize safe cleaning products in their home. Artists Ink guided students from the basics of storytelling and creating dialogue to understanding the guidelines of animation and sound design. 

Past Projects & Collaborations

These are in-house and collaborative projects Artists Inks has worked on since the incarnation of the nonprofit in 2013. Some of the collaborators are Baktun12, Hartnell Community College, Western Stage, National Steinbeck Center, Youth Speaks, and CounterPulse

Project List

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