End of Summer SESSIONS

August 2 to September 15

Artists Ink’s End of Summer Sessions begin August 2, 2023, and concludes on September 15, 2023. During the six week end of summer session, we will have several programs and projects happening. TXO’s Out of the Box Theater Youth Series, premiering in in early September, Cepanoa Arts late Summer Sessions a six week program starting on August 2, on new days, back at its original time. 


Teatro Xochitl Ollin

Monday 4:30pm-6:30pm

Age: 7-16

A youth storytellers’ group. Exploring theater, animation, radio,  podcasting, photography, and film. Students in TXO learn a variety of art-related skills to help tell their stories, build confidence, and find their voice.

What Are Your Dreams For Your Life

TXO's Out of the Box Theater Youth Series

What Are Your Dreams For Your Life

September 8-10

 Teatro Xochitl Ollin’s Out of the Box Theater Youth Series takes you on an enchanted journey into dreams and aspiration, with their latest effort “What Are Your Dreams For Your Life” a play written by Aidet Maupomé. “What Are Your Dreams For Your Life” is set to captivate hearts and minds as it explores the imaginative universe of dreams, drawing from the creative minds of the TXO youth involved in the production.


This story unfolds inside the dream of the protagonist, Isaiah who’s portrayed by Rio Cabrera. Isaiah embarks on an adventure when his 

room transforms into a starry dreamscape, where he encounters a cast of mystical characters who challenge his understanding of life and his own dreams. As the audience witnesses Isaiah struggle to comprehend the dream’s bizarre rules, leading to moments of humor and self-discovery.


Through a delightful blend of fantasy and reality, “What Are Your Dreams For Your Life” encourages viewers to reflect on their aspirations and the importance of nurturing dreams, through the challenges and expectations life demands from us. The play goes into the essence of identity and purpose, prompting the audience to ponder the question “What Are Your Dreams For Your Life?”


Show Dates

September 8, 2023, at 7pm

September 9, 2023, at 7pm

September 10, 2023, at 2pm



Artists Ink Creative Studio

1 Midtown Lane

Salinas, CA, 93901


Our young cast includes Rio Cabrera as Isaiah, Alenica Cabrera as Riot, Elia Cabrera as Mayla, Milly De La Vara as Hada de los Sueños, Ezra Martinez as Pintora, Estrella Cabrera as Moonpop, and Mia Garcia as Wonder Women.


Production consists of Aidet Maupomé as Director, Emily Morales-Ortiz as Producer, Carlos L Cortez as Producer, David Tapia as Production Coordinator, Dante Carballo as Sound and light Tech, and Rodrigo Reyes as Production Designer.


Beginning August 2nd

Wednesday to Friday

Age: 12 and Up

Cepanoa will offer three days of Art programming every  Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 5pm to 7pm, at our Artists Ink Creative Studio in Oldtown Salinas. Wednesday will focus on Visual Arts, Thursday will focus on music and performance art, and Friday we wil lhave an open studio. This round of Cepanoa will be 6 weeks.

Cepanoa Logo 3

Bringing young artists together to share and explore their stories and ideas while learning new art forms with their peers and other artists.

Visual Art


With Mr. RICK

Music & Performning Art


With Mr. Lee

Open Studio


With Ms. Athena


In-school and After School

An in-school and after-school program designed to help address the needs of both teachers and students, by offering a variety of art programs during the course of the school year. YOLI in-school programming will run for approximately eight weeks during Fall and Spring semesters, and four weeks over summer break. YOLI In-school is for students who are in 4th grade. YOLI After School will run for 8 to 12 weeks in the Fall and Spring Semesters. Teaching a variety of different art forms and it’s available to students in 3rd grade to 6th grade. 

YOLI In-school

During YOLI In-school students will develop a deeper understanding of the social, political, cultural, and economic life and interactions among people of California from the pre-Columbian societies to the Spanish mission and Mexican rancho periods. Through the use of stop motion animation, students will tell the stories of the people, native and non-native, who occupied the presidios, missions, ranchos, and pueblos. Through these stories, Students will gain an understanding of the importance of keeping their history alive through storytelling. At the end of the program, Artists Ink will provide one 5-7 minute stop motion video that showcases student artwork from each school participating

YOLI After School

YOLI After School is a 12-week after-school program offering a variety of art classes to students in 2nd-6th grade taught at 12 different elementary schools within the Alisal Union School District. YOLI After school runs five days a week with Wednesdays’ focusing on a unique art program called Art Exploration, curated by the Artists Ink staff, and taught by our in-house teaching artists.


On Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday our teaching artists are given the opportunity to teach a variety of different art forms ranging from drawing to music, film to performing arts, comic art, and more.

Artists Alley @ Midtown is an artist-driven farmers market that transforms Midtown Lane in Oldtown Salinas into a local artists’ pop-up shop. Hosting over 20 artists from our community, we are cultivating a space for professional and emerging artists to present and sell their creative works while networking with other artists.


We also provide live music and an open stage where musicians, spoken word, dance, karaoke, etc. take place. In Addition, we provide a variety of youth activities, offering access to our studio space and all our materials for FREE. Artists Alley is a FREE community event taking place every First Friday of the month from 5pm to 9pm. Artists Alley is also FREE to all Artist and Artisan participants


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