Salinas Arts Kit

Lesson 5: FLIPBOOK

In animation the walk is king. Think of a friend or someone you see pretty often, now if they are far away, can you distinguish this person from other people? The markers or clues we use to point out where our friends are, are visual cues.   


 Repetitive patterns in behavior, looks, or action is how animators mimic the real world to bring to life human characteristics for their creations. 

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Salinas Arts Kit

Lesson 4: Stop Motion

Create a stop motion animation that depicts the vibrant and futuristic landscape of what Salinas would look like in the future. Bring your stop motion to life by exploring your creativity. Use newspaper clips and found objects and any resources available through the library as well as stock images and videos to create your animation.


What is Stop Motion Animation?
If you’re familiar with movies like Coraline, The Nightmare Before Christmas or those groovy Lego shorts on YouTube, then you’re probably already familiar with stop motion. Stop motion (also known as stop action) is an animation technique to make any object you choose to appear to move on its own. The object is moved or manipulated slightly in small increments and captured in individually photographed frames. This creates the illusion of movement when a series of frames is played as a continuous sequence.


Salinas Arts Kit

Lesson 3: Shadow Box

Create a shadow box that represents who you are. Explore the importance of creating visual moments in your life. Use anything you would like to incorporate into your artwork to give it more meaning and personal value. This workshop will be made using mainly found objects. Use the shadow box provided as your canvas. Let’s get creative! 


You will arrange the materials and objects to create dreamlike, mysterious, and whimsical scenes.Your shadow boxes can have a theme, like outer space or the outdoors. Each shadow box should tell a story or have a meaning behind it. 



Salinas Arts Kit

Lesson 2: Clay

The basics of working with clay in this class will follow the same theme from the previous kit.  Design and create a hero you see in your community. Activities & Prompts. 


  • Design and create a character out of clay


  • Take pictures of your character in a cool background & post to Artists Ink / Library website. 

Arts Kit

Lesson 1: Drawing

Drawing and sketching: Drawing inspiration from comics and anime we ask our community to draw their community how they see it and what hero’s exist there. Exploring how we can identify and create heroes based on our community.

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