ReAlisal - Stories of East Salinas

In honor and celebration of the rich history and people of the East Salinas, Baktun12 and Artists Ink are collaborating in producing”ReAlisal Stories of East Salinas”, written by Batkun12’s Luis xago Juárez. This production features stories of our community’s unsung heroes from yesterday and today that have made this a cherished neighborhood. Simultaneously this production challenges misperceptions that continue to plague the Eastside today. Performed by both current Alisal High School students and Artists Ink mentors, “ReAlisal: Stories of East Salinas” had its second staged reading at the Western Stage and Alisal High School this past March 2019. This reading will be performed not only for live audiences but also broadcasted via local podcasts to allow members to tune in. Special to this production, Artists Ink & Baktun12 will be developing study guides that will provide more context and info about the history of the Alisal for all audiences


On June 11th, 1963, after several attempts to annex the farmworker community of the Alisal, voters went to the polls and made their decision to become a part of the City of Salinas. Between 2009 and 2013 Baktun12 began collecting interviews of residents to put together a series of two reAlisal productions: “Your Neighbor’s Story” in 2011 and “Stories de Acosta Plaza” in 2014. In honor of the 55th anniversary of the annexation of what is widely known as East Salinas, Baktun12 and Artists Ink partnered in combining both stories into one, “reAlisal”. This production featured stories of this community’s unsung heroes of yesterday and today that have made this a cherished neighborhood, challenging misperceptions that continue to plague the Eastside today


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