Salinas Movement Project

The Salinas Movement Project (SMP) is a 35min live theatrical presentation that incorporates film,  photography, spoken word, music, graphic design, animation, and interactive apps that create a unique experience. Developed as the first installment of many to come, The Salinas Movement Project (Vol.1) addresses issues that impact us both locally and nationally, such as; Police Brutality, School-to-prison-pipeline, and immigration reform. Written by Artists Ink Leaders, in Nov 2016 the first version of this production was performed in March 2017, and with the help of community feedback and dialogue, SMP had its first revised staged reading in May 2017. Now with much care and love, the production is where it was always meant to be, in the hands of the youth. After their first premiere in Nov 2017, the youth have taken the script and revised it to incorporate their stories and what they feel is important to voice about their community.  This revised production incorporated new film and stage elements that are both written and performed by the same youth. The goal of the production is to inspire, educate, and empower the community to unite and take action. Currently, Artists Ink and it’s youth are touring this production in the schools and in the local and nearby communities, in locations like: Alisal High School, Alisal Center for Fine arts, and at MILPA’s Academia Ollin Program at Soledad High School.

Como La Tierra

A collaboration with CounterPulse (Sf Based) Investigating and appreciating the fine beauty, life and love that both provide, along with the lack of appreciation and respect for them. This performance was created by holding 12 workshops with community members and artists as well as local artists using various art disciplines to explore and discover how even through modern technology we can bring ourselves and communities closer to the Mother Earth.

A Tree in the Valley

ATV is a completely collaborative full length film that consist of short narratives and documentary pieces written by, acted in, and comprised of art created by high school and recently graduated student artists. The film held screenings throughout Salinas and around Monterey County.

  • Date: July 2014
  • Participants: Artists Ink Students 2014