The Artists Ink Team

A Committed Family of Passionate Artist & Community Builders

Composed of Graphic designers, animators, directors, writers, performers, and sound designers, Artists Ink is a collaborative organization that encourages artists of all disciplines to come together and push the boundaries of traditional art and create work that builds community and inspires change.

Emily Morales-Ortiz

Executive Founding Director - A performing artist, writer, producer and director raised in East Salinas, Emily has been active in the arts for the past 18 years.

Carlos L. Cortez

Program Director - A working artist in Salinas and all over California for 20 years. Carlos has worked in theaters throughout the Bay Area working with local and international artists.

Alejandro M Casanova

Social Media & Digital Marketing Manager - Graduate of California State University, Monterey Bay, with a BS in Business Administration w/ a concentration in Marketing.

Barbara Carballo

Administration Manager - Graduate of University of California, Davis. Barbara is the administrative manager, but also works as a stage manager and technical assistant in Artists Ink's various projects & productions

Dante Carballo

Editor, Sound & Light Technician - With over 15 years of experience, Dante is a theater technician, composer, performer, and sound engineer for various companies throughout the bay area.

Carolina Perez

YOLI In-school Program Manager & TXO Lead Mentor

Athena Enero

Cepanoa Arts Coordinator & Y.O.L.I. Arts Mentor - An undergraduate student majoring in Sociology at San Jose State University.

David Tapia

YOLI After School Program Manager

Jose Julio Garcia

Artists Alley Production Manager

Jalissa Anguiano

Administrative Assistant

Aidet Mauponé

Administrative Assistant


AJ Casas

YOLI After School Assistant Coordinator & Mentor

Ricardo Ibarra

YOLI In-school Assistant Coordinator & Mentor

Clarissa Salcedo

YOLI Arts Mentor

Karla Ruiz

YOLI Arts Mentor

Mario Cortez

Cepanoa Arts - Performance Arts & Music Mentor & YOLI Arts Mentor

Jade Rodriguez

YOLI Arts Mentor

Nathaniel Eramaa

Associate Producer & YOLI Arts Mentor

Ricardo Cortez

YOLI Arts Mentor

Noelia Ortega

YOLI Arts Mentor

Nayeli Floes

YOLI Arts Mentor

Rodrigo Reyes

YOLI Arts Mentor

Jose Amador

YOLI Arts Mentor -

Daniel Ibarra

YOLI Arts Mentor

Ilse Lara

YOLI Arts Mentor -

Karen L. Rodriguez

YOLI Arts Mentor

Mariana Jimenez

YOLI Arts Mentor

Laura Arlez Tirado

YOLI Arts Mentor

Brenda Rodriguez

YOLI Arts Mentor

Michael Gabriel

Cepanoa Arts - Visual Arts Mentor

Laura Arles Tirado

YOLI Arts Mentor

Diana Carrasco

YOLI Arts Mentor

Cristian Almanza

YOLI Arts Mentor

Diego Medrano

YOLI Arts Mentor

Hannah Rebancos

YOLI Arts Mentor

Ashley Ibarra

YOLI Arts Mentor

Alexis Ibrra

YOLI Arts Mentor

Daniel Garcia

YOLI Arts Mentor

Sylvia Vasquez

YOLI Arts Mentor

Board of Advisors

Ana Barrera

Educator at EAHS

Raul Lara


Veronica Pulido

Educator at Alisal High School

Joey Martinez


Rosalinda Godinez

Professor at Hartnell College

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