In partnership with Santa Rita Union School District, Artists Ink provides comprehensive art educational programming to support the development of the SRUSD students through their creative journey.

Things We Teach

Discover what our YOLI Arts Academy entails as we delve into the “Things We Teach”  a short sneak peek video into what our YOLI Students will be learning. Gain insight into the captivating curriculum your children will explore at YOLI Arts Academy. 

February 24 to March 16

From February 24 to March 16, students will explore the versatile world of clay, from sculpting to molding, and unlock endless creative possibilities. Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned artist, discover how to craft personalized pendants with step-by-step tutorials. Transform your creations into vibrant art pieces with painting techniques. Delve into tile art, creating captivating mosaic masterpieces from design to completion.

April 27 to May 18

Following this, from April 6 to May 11, they will delve into the fundamentals of stop motion and claymation. Starting with the basics of stop motion, students will progress to developing characters, backgrounds, crafting narratives, and storyboarding. In the latter part of the program, they will bring their stories to life through filming, editing, sound design, and more. This class seamlessly merges traditional art practices with cutting-edge technology, offering a truly enriching experience.

Vision and Values

We are guided by interconnected values of amor, cariño, cultura, and awareness. They are like our elements of fire, earth, water, and wind, as we instigate, embolden, discover, and ignite stories within


To promote diversity, inclusivity, and dialogue, empowering students to become informed and engaged within their cultural richness.


The ability to nurture youth development through a variety of methods for learning and responsiveness growth, while offering emotional support


At its core, it embodies a deep appreciation, passion, and empathy for the creative process, artistic expression, and the world around us.


Art education fosters self-awareness by encouraging students to explore their thoughts, emotions, and perspectives through artistic expression.

YOLI Arts Highlight Videos

YOLI Arts Highlight

During the initial weeks at YOLI Arts Academy, our dedicated YOLI Mentors engage with YOLI Art Students in immersive sessions focusing on clay work. Students learn the intricacies of clay manipulation, crafting their own unique pendants, and fundamental coloring techniques, enabling them to embellish their creations once they’ve dried.

YOLI Arts Highlight

At YOLI, our students engage in tile art creation using diverse art tools, resulting in a vibrant array of artwork. But our offerings don’t stop there; STEM USA recently held an open house for SRUSD students and families, and Artists Ink enthusiastically contributed by facilitating engaging workshops across various art disciplines.

A Day with a YOLI Mentor

Daniel Garcia

YOLI Assistant Mentor

AJ Casas

YOLI Assistant Mentor


Santa Rita Teachers

Mariana Jimenez

YOLI Lead Mentor.

Jose Amador

YOLI Lead Mentor

Ricardo Ibarra

YOLI Coordinator

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