Artists Ink Presents: A Tale of an Unknown Future

Ink in collaboration with Super8bitRafa are proud to announce Artists Ink’s “A Tale of an Unknown Future”. Developed, scripted, designed and voiced by Salinas youth, this animated series was made in response to the pandemic. Created entirely online with our Teatro Xochitl Ollin (TXO) troupe, this story incorporates themes of friendship, family, and the importance of one’s history and culture. The first episode will premiere on April 23, 2021, via Artists Ink’s YouTube page.CLICK HERE To Subscribe


A Tale of an Unknown Future is a 3 episode limited series telling the story of an apocalyptic future where civilization has recently collapsed and humankind is on the brink of extinction. Narrated by DJ-End-of-Days (Jazmin) and DJ Sunshine (Yaretzi), we follow two young women, Amelia (Layla) and Isabella (Emma), separated from their families, find each other while scavenging to survive. Along the way they encounter other survivors Karen (Yaretzi), Alex (AJ) and their mechanical helper Bot (Jayden). What will happen when their worlds collide?.

A Tale of an Unknown Future came together after the 2020 pandemic changed how society functioned as a whole, introducing mandates for shelter in place and social distancing for the foreseeable future. Because of these mandates, the education system had to transition from in-person learning to virtual learning. This transition made it difficult for the TXO troupe to move forward with their spring programming and theatrical project. Not long after the pandemic began, two things occurred. The first was the start of the California fire season, which led to the worst fire season in California’s history. The second was the millions of people marching in the streets protesting for equality. These outcomes left the TXO troupe to wonder what role humankind had in the deterioration of our planet and the love for one another. After several brainstorming sessions, the TXO troupe agreed to create a project that told the story of love, unity, culture, and the importance of history. 


A Tale of an Unknown Future is developed, scripted, designed and voiced by Armando (AJ) Gutierrez, Emma Ocampo (12),  Jayden Gutierrez, Jazmin Mendez, Layla Gutierrez (12), and Yaretzi Hernandez.  animated by Jacob Rafeal Estrada of Super8bitRafa, and edited/sound designed by Dante Carballo, produced by Emily Morales-Ortiz and Carlos L. Cortez.

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