Mi Salinas: Viewing Community Through A New Lens

Angelica Rodriguez

My name is Angelica Rodriguez and I am Mexican-American. I am 15 years old and I live in Salinas, California. I usually draw with pencil and paint with tempera or/and acrylic paints. My art reflects the perspective of how I see and experience things and events.  I usually have a theme in mind depending on what I want to draw or paint.

Photograph: Realization

I took this picture when I was standing in line at Costco with my parents and noticed how everyone was focused on their own activities. As I saw everyone busy with their own things, I had a strange feeling and realization that we all have our own lives! I realized that although everyone in the store was different, I could still relate to a lot of them… agricultural workers… people wearing Taylor Farms shirts… bandanas covering their faces – and their shoes were all dirty.

Photograph: El Fil

I took this picture from inside a car when I was on my way back from track & field practice. I noticed how the hills stood out next to the fields. I really appreciate the fields because there are a lot of hardworking people working in them. I have lived near the Salinas fields since I was born, and I appreciate what the fields represent. The fields provide food and work for people that have limited job opportunities.

Photograph: La Hora Dorada

The day I took this photograph from my phone, the majority of middle school track and field runners came to my high school, so they could have their race. I took this picture as I was about to leave from the track field. I took it at this moment because I felt that it captured a magical once in a lifetime moment that I knew would only occur now. I met people with unique personalities and assisted in my first middle school running competition

Sandra Ochoa Perez

Photograph: Atardecer

This picture was taken one day outside of my aunt’s house when it was cold. I really liked how the sky looked like it was blending with the sunset. Salinas has pretty landscapes, especially when the sun is setting.

Photograph: Recalentado

During a sunny day at a bonfire with my family in a ranch in Salinas, we were gathering because my relatives had come to visit from Los Angeles. This is during a recalentado after my sister’s quinceañera. My friend, sisters and I thought it was cute to take a picture of our boots. I really like wearing boots.

Photograph: Transformers

I took this picture on a day that was a little hot, but not too hot. I took it because the sky was blue and the cars looked like they were race cars. I really like cars, I have a black Volkswagen Beetle – but I can’t drive yet because I don’t have my license. I have an interest even if I don’t know much about mecánica, my dad teaches me about cars.


Samu Gonzalez Sandoval

I started to do photography in January 2021. I always like to take pictures of landscapes when I travel so other people can admire the beautiful landscapes. Once I found out I could publish my photos, I decided to start taking photos, editing them, and then publishing them on social media to share with the public. 

Photograph: Farm in the Middle of Fields

I chose to create this piece because when people think of Salinas they usually think of fields. I want people to capture all of Salinas’ elements, apart from our crops. I chose this farm specifically because people used to or still gather there for public events, like a small rodeo.

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