TXO / Out of the Box:
What Are Your Deams For Your Life?

Teatro Xochitl Ollin’s Out of the Box Theater Youth Series takes you on an enchanted journey into dreams and aspiration, with their latest effort “What Are Your Dreams For Your Life” a play written by Aidet Maupóme. “What Are Your Dreams For Your Life” is set to captivate hearts and minds as it explores the imaginative universe of dreams, drawing from the creative minds of the TXO youth involved in the production.


This story unfolds inside the dream of the protagonist, Isaiah who’s portrayed by Rio Cabrera. Isaiah embarks on an adventure when his room transforms into a starry dreamscape, where he encounters a cast of mystical characters who challenge his understanding of life and his own dreams. As the audience witnesses Isaiah struggle to comprehend the dream’s bizarre rules, leading to moments of humor and self-discovery.


Through a delightful blend of fantasy and reality, “What Are Your Dreams For Your Life” encourages viewers to reflect on their aspirations and the importance of nurturing dreams, through the challenges and expectations life demands from us. The play goes into the essence of identity and purpose, prompting the audience to ponder the question “What Are Your Dreams For Your Life?

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